BID Urban Lab:

Honourable Mention (2016)

Urban design, Urban analysis, Mapping, Diagrams, Urban Strategies, 

Photomontage, Collage

‘Bid Urban Lab’ 2016 is a competition organized by the Inter-American Development Bank to generate proposals in vulnerable cities of Latin America. The proposal was placed in Santa Marta, Colombia and analyzed aspects such as the reformulation of natural borders, urban borders, cultural identity, floods, tourism, football as a plan of intervention with the community, historical buildings and the re-approach of the port.

Our proposal was awarded as one of the tops 10 out of approx. 180 teams in Latin America receiving an honourable mention for a consecutive year.

A Collaborative project with Julian Sánchez, Cindy Abbott, Claudia Peña, Christian Peña, Laura Díaz, Rafael Pérez Garrido.