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[un] balance

Virtual Reality, Movement, Body tracking, Inverse Kinematics

[un] Balance is a prototype based on the exploration of movements and emotions through spatial experiences altering the balance of the body.​

The system we were developing was pretending to extend, disrupt and transform the balance of the body in the virtual environment using a harness in a physical environment.


We realized that in the first experiments in virtual reality experiences, people tend to be shy with movements and probably is because they don’t want to lose their balance or centre of gravity.

The center of gravity of the human body is located close to the second sacral vertebra. Depending on the position of the body, this center constantly changes. Using the harness in the VR experience will shift the center of gravity and within this the balance of the body. Could we transform interactions between proprioception, visual and sound perception?


A project in collaboration with Elyne Legarnisson (until March 2018)

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